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Net Literacy (aka Senior Connects) is a youth managed not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to(a) increase computer access, (b) computer, Internet, and financial literacy, and to (c) increase Internet safety awareness while providing students (d) job skills, (e) life skills, (g) and opportunity to provide community service and youth philanthropy in their communities.  Student volunteers have donated 100,000s of community service hourswhile reducing the digital divide and the intergenerational divide.  Our websites help us meet our mission. Our websites depict training methodologies designed to teach students how to empower themselves and make a difference. We have tried to package a combination of common sense procedures and tested lesson guides to facilitate the process of teaching about computers, the Internet, Net safety, financial safety, and allow it to be used by other parties on a turnkey basis. Net Literacy assumes no liability for the information on any of its websites or its teaching methodology. Those youth or adults utilizing the materials or receiving training do so at their own risk. Users of any of our programs should email to notify him that you will be utilizing our programming materials.

We believe that the types of students that participate in a program like this and want to help others and make a difference in their community are "stars." They are what's making America a better place and will be our nation's next generation of leaders. However and in this litigious and uncertain world that we live in, Senior Connects, Safe Connects, Computer Connects, Community Connects, IndyNonprofit, NearEastside, Financial Connects, the Net Literacy Alliance, and Net Literacy must disclose information to try to make you aware of possible risks so that you can assess the program and make certain that notwithstanding whether you are a volunteer, a nonprofit, or recipient of the programming, you are aware of the risks associate with this (and unfortunately, just about everything today has lots of risks). Please read this entire section. As an example, it's illuminating for a volunteer to be cognizant of what is being said to the independent living facility managers, and vice versa. Anyway, the legal stuff follows...

All volunteers, independent living facilities, public housing, single family housing, community centers, schools, HUD housing, Section 8 housing, apartments, homes, visitors, receivers of service and any other parties use this website at their own risk and on an "as is" basis. Net Literacy makes no representations about any of the material's suitability or appropriateness to achieve its objective. No warranties or representations are made about, any of the individuals or facilities claiming or actually participating in the program. If fact, Net Literacy is a facilitator and makes no warranties or representations about anything directly or indirectly associated with it whatsoever.  Clicking to links will take users to other websites – Net Literacy assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the content or any malware or privacy issues that a user may experience.  We are high school students trying our best to help others.
Here are some suggestions to some of our constituencies, which are by no means an exhaustive list of things to consider.


Volunteers that decide to use any of the Net Literacy programs, or any other associated program should involve their parents and mentors to determine if they have the skills and maturity to participate in this process and regularly keep them informed. Volunteers should keep their parents, mentors, teachers, and the facility managers informed and updated as they provide service. Volunteers should do nothing that makes them uncomfortable. Carefully check out each facility where you are contemplating providing service and the individuals that you help to make certain that you are always safe. With Senior Connects, the lesson plans are proven and the policies and procedures were designed to make your experience a productive and outstanding learning experience, so please follow the program to maximize your chances of success. While we encourage you to email us any questions about issues that you experience, any suggestion that we make are merely that - suggestions that we as students and in some cases minors making recommendations based upon the information we receive and as best we understand it. We are trying our best for you, but can't make any guarantees or representations. By use of any, some, or all of the materials on the Net Literacy, Senior Connects, Community Connects, Computer Connects, Financial Connects, Neareastside, Safe Connects, Indynonprofit, and Computer Connects, you assume all risk and agree to protect, defend, and hold us harmless - you also agree to pay our reasonable legal fees in the event that there is any direct or any indirect litigation naming Net Literacy, it's partners, it's agents, it's volunteers, it's officers, or any other individual with a relationship with Net Literacy, or any other associated organization.

Independent Living Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Senior Facilities, Public Housing, Apartment Complexes, Schools, Libraries, Community Centers and other types of housing or other facilities.

Any facility that is considering allowing a volunteer into their premises to teach their residents or install a computer system should carefully check out the volunteer, including but not limited to making a personal assessment of the volunteer's skill, maturity, and character after conducting an in-person interview. Also, references should be checked and the volunteer's resume should be reviewed and/or verified. Talking to the volunteer's mentor (all volunteers under the age of 18 must have an adult mentor) is another vehicle for you to use to satisfy yourself regarding the volunteer's suitability to provide you and your residents this community service. All volunteers are counting on you to help keep them safe - and it's important that you be sufficiently involved to apprise volunteers of any situations or individuals that they should be aware of. Please remember that Net Literacy has not interviewed, received or checked references, or even met many of its out-of-state volunteers that decide to use our methodology - this is your responsibility. We know that some students have heard about our program, really liked it, and use some or most of our methodology to help teach seniors and others, but have not registered because they wanted to incorporate this training into other things they are teaching or because they wanted to conduct training at a location other than the independent living facility. We have no objection to anyone using anything on our site that is done with a good heart, safely, and with good judgment, but we will have no knowledge about them doing so. This is one reason why we encourage you to contact us to make certain the volunteer has registered with Net Literacy. We will do our best to verify their participation but make no guarantees. All this means is that someone has registered - not that they are qualified, experienced, or are of good moral character. That's not our corporation's function or expertise, since we are merely a facilitator trying to make the world a little better place for all of us to live. Talk to the volunteers as you would anyone coming into your facility to provide a service. We have not inspected or have any specific knowledge of the equipment that is being installed – and since they are likely donated equipment and computers, we encourage you to check them out from a safety and other perspective prior to installing them or allowing any third party to install them. 

All individuals and organizations that uses equipment, training, or other materials that originated from Net Literacy or a related program.

Please use your good judgment when interfacing with anyone that you don't personally know - including volunteers using the Net Literacy program methodology. Individuals using our training methods are not members of our organization, but have merely decided to use our teaching methods. Please do not offer them any direct or indirect compensation for any services they provide you or others - this is their service project that they are doing without remuneration. If you feel that you must take some action for the service you receive, please thank the service coordinator or manager at your independent living facility. They were the ones that made this program possible. Also, please do not invite volunteers into your apartment or home since our program requires them to work only in public areas. If you have any questions about the volunteers that are helping you, please promptly discuss them with the volunteer and/or the management at your independent living facility. Please address legal or related questions to


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